Racegel Impression Preparation Gel

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Racegel is a thermogelifiable gel for gingival preparation made by Septodont Inc. Used to control the bleeding of the gingiva prior to taking an impression and in the preparation of Class II, III, and V cavities. Gel contains aluminum chloride to ensure that the bleeding is controlled. The bright orange color allows for easy visualization during the dispense and rinse-off. Thermogelifiable properties certify that there is no mechanical trauma to the periodontium. 

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Racegel Impression Preparation Gel 3 (1.4 g) Syringes and 30 Tips
Technical Specification
Contains: 3 (1.4 g) syringes and 30 tips
Package Quantity: 3/Pkg
Size: 1.4 g Syringe
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Racegel Impression Preparation Gel
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