RealSeal 1 Bonded Obturation System

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This new obturator system includes a polysulfone core that is coated with Resilon material using high-tolerance injection molding.Before insertion into the canal, the bonded obturator is heated to a specific temperature using the RealSeal 1 obturator oven. When used in conjunction with the patented resin-based RealSeal sealer, the obturator and sealer bond together to form a seal from the dentin to the core to prevent leakage.The obturator’s polysulfone core differs in radiopacity from the Resilon coating, which makes it easy to identify in the canal for precise placement and verification. The soft resin coating and the polysulfone core can be dissolved readily with conventional solvents, making it easier to retreat or to create a post space.The RealSeal 1 bonded obturator and the RealSeal sealer are latex free for those patients who are allergic to latex.The RealSeal 1 obturation system consists of: obturators with a .04 taper in sizes ranging from 20 to 90; corresponding size verifiers; selfetching Resilon-based sealer; a technique guide, a training video and a patented 2-chamber oven for heating the obturators. —Julie Cullen




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RealSeal 1 Bonded Obturation System
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