RelyX Ceramic Primer, 5 ml Bottle

Product Description
RelyX Ceramic Primer from 3M ESPE Dental Products is a prehydrolyzed, silane-based primer designed to improve bonds to porcelain, ceramic, precured composite and metal surfaces. This primer must be used with a dental bonding system. RelyX Ceramic Primer can be used for chairside repair of damaged ceramic crowns and bridges.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: RelyX Ceramic Primer, 5 ml Bottle

RelyX Ceramic Primer
Technical Specification
Application Time: 15 seconds
Bond Mixing Required: Yes
Delivery Method: "Brush, Mini-Sponge"
Package Quantity: Each
Packaging: Each
Product Number: 2721
Quantity: "10 Units Per Case, 5 mL Refill Bottle"
Required Etchant: Phosphoric Acid Etchant
Sku# 2721




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RelyX Ceramic Primer, 5 ml Bottle
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