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RelyX Unicem Cement


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RelyX Unicem Cement

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Product Information

With a 2-minute working time and a 5-minute setting time, RelyX Unicem Cement is flexible and easy to use.

As with most things in dentistry these days, the focus for many products is on speed and ease of use. The selection of the cements to use in a dental practice is subject to the same pressures; however, performance still reigns with cement because it doesn’t matter how fast or easy a procedure is if the dentist has to do it over again because of debonding. With even more options available for cementing everything from posts to veneers to crowns and bridges, it is more important than ever that clinicians turn to products that demonstrate proven clinical performance along with innovative, time-saving techniques and delivery systems.

In 2002, responding to the demand from dentists for less technique sensitive cements, 3M ESPE launched RelyX Unicem Self-Adhesive Universal Resin Cement for the placement of indirect restorations including ceramic, composite and metal crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and posts. With high bond strength to both dentin and enamel and the etching, priming, and bonding steps eliminated from the procedure, RelyX Unicem Cement was quickly adopted by dentists who were ready to reap the benefits of performance and convenience delivered in one simple product.

High Bond Strengths and Unique Delivery

Initially launched as a powder/liquid formulation in the Aplicap Capsule for single units and Maxicap Capsule for multiple units, RelyX Unicem Cement achieved high bond strengths to both dentin and enamel. One of the key success factors for this product was to meet the demand to combine the ease-of use of conventional cements with the performance and esthetics of resin cements.1 While based in known concepts of resin chemistry, the combination of ideal handling with mechanical performance was only achieved through the formulation of new monomers, fillers, and initiators.
The technique is a simple one: after combining the powder/liquid formulation with a triturator, the material is dispensed directly into the restoration and seated on the preparation. With a 2-minute working time and a 5-minute setting time, the material offers flexibility and easy cleanup.

To further improve on the ease of use, 3M ESPE introduced a paste/paste version of RelyX Unicem Cement in a new Clicker Dispenser in 2007. This unique additional delivery system dispenses a measured amount of the 2 pastes side-byside for 20 seconds of hand mixing, and minimal waste, before application to the restoration. RelyX Unicem Cement is available in multiple shades in both delivery methods including A2 Universal, A3 Opaque, and Transluscent; shades A1 and White Opaque are also available in the Aplicap delivery system.

Backed by Science

As with most products formulated by 3M ESPE, RelyX Unicem Cement is based in sound chemistry and is backed not only by a significant number of independent clinical studies, but also by technological advancements in resin and monomer chemistry. When mixed, RelyX Unicem Cement is acidic and therefore hydrophilic in nature, which makes it very forgiving for the dentist to use in clinical practice because it works well in a moist environment and adapts easily to moist tooth structure. After curing, whether self-cure or light-cure, a highly cross-linked cement matrix develops that is hydrophobic with low expansion and low solubility. Ultimately, it is the chemistry of this product that forms the basis for the long-term stability of the bond and ultimately the clinical success of restorations cemented with this product.

A Family of Cements

RelyX Unicem Cement is just one product in the RelyX family of cements from 3M ESPE. While RelyX Unicem Cement has earned the top position in the market for self-adhesive cements, RelyX Luting Plus Cement is a resin-modified glass ionomer formulation that is the preferred conventional cement. Also offered in the product line are RelyX Veneer Cement for the more demanding, esthetic requirements of veneers and RelyX ARC Adhesive Resin Cement.
Regardless of the clinical preference for type of cement (whether self-adhesive, conventional resin, or resin-modified glass ionomer), the RelyX family of cements offers a high-performance solution for virtually every dentist. All of the RelyX Cements have optimized their formulations for ease of use, reduced postoperative sensitivity, esthetics, clean up, and ultimately clinical longevity. RelyX Luting Plus Cement, which offers very high fluoride release, also is available in the easy-to-use Clicker dispenser. The Clicker minimizes waste and ensures the proper mix ratio, making it a more reliable option when etching is not an issue.

Undisputed Performance

Regardless of how fast and easy a product is to use, the bottom line is that it has to provide the dentist and patient with the best possible result. Recognized by multiple independent product evaluation organizations within the dental industry as top picks, RelyX Cements have proven their ability to perform and to deliver to dentists what they demand—high performance, ease of use, speed, clinical reliability, and value. All of the RelyX Cements are supported with full technical product profiles and technical data sheets available directly through 3M ESPE as well as by a significant body of independent in vitro and clinical research. The RelyX Cements are also supported by 3M ESPE’s Customer Care Center, which is a valuable resource for information on products and procedures. Through innovation in resin and filler chemistries, paste/paste formulations, and unique delivery systems, 3M ESPE has successfully delivered to dentistry a clinically proven line of cements that provide performance, reliability, convenience, selection, esthetics, and versatility. With RelyX Unicem Cement leading the way with more than 5 years of clinical success, 3M ESPE has continued to respond to dentists’ requests by expanding the RelyX line of cements to serve a variety of clinical applications with optimal delivery systems. Even tried and true products are frequently managed by manufacturers to better suit and meet the demands of dentistry as more and more technologies become available. The clinical longevity and patient acceptance that RelyX Cements provide for indirect restorations is undisputed.


1 - Piwowarczyk A, Lauer HC, Sorensen JA. In vitro shear bond strength of cementing agents to fixed prosthodontic restorative materials. J Prosthet Dent. 2004 Sep;92(3):265-73.

Manufacturer Information

"A formula for success"

Many factors contribute to the overall success of your dental practice. An important one is the brands you choose to depend on for dental products and services.

With 3M ESPE, you get more than a provider of innovative dental products and services. You get a partner dedicated to the highest possible standards in dentistry. We are driven to deliver practical and ingenious solutions that make a difference in your practice. And, like you, we are committed to improving the care of your patients.

Passion that spans the industry – and the world 3M ESPE has a worldwide reputation for bringing exciting new ideas to dentistry that shape or reshape the market. Our wide range of products and services includes restorative, crown and bridge, orthodontic, preventive, infection control and cosmetic dentistry. In addition, Lava™ Precision Solutions integrates advanced digital technology and materials science with its Lava Zirconia, CAD/CAM system and soon-to-released Chairside Oral Scanner.

Yet our ideas go beyond the high-quality products you’ve come to expect from us. Our commitment to the dental industry extends to everything we do, from product innovation and quality control, to education and collaboration.

Ultimately, our success depends on your success. So join us in defining the future of dentistry. Contact a 3M ESPE representative in your area.

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Unicem pros and cons May 30, 2013


Kazie from Littleton, CO

This I believe was the first cement on the market that, in addition to being self-etching, also exhibited neutral expansion. This is an important feature for all-porcelain crowns, especially older products which tended to crack from internal stresses when a net-expansion cement was used, which was the norm for the market. Retention is excellent in almost all circumstances. I have heard some question its color stability and cite a propensity for post op sensitivity but I have not seen any unusual problems with these issues. I have used this cement more than any other since 2002. I prefer the "clicker" to the capsule, since the usual capsule doesn't yield quite enough cement to confidently fill multiple units. They also sell a large capsule, but it is so large that it is clumsy, so I do not recommend it. The only potential drawback I have seen is that it sets rather quickly. I consider this an advantage, but if the operator is not quick, it could set prior to full seating. Additionally, the removal of excess can be difficult, so I start to remove it as soon as it becomes "doughy" The company does not recommend it for posts, probably because of quick set-up time, but I use it for this purpose routinely as I consider the neutral expansion feature critical when posts are placed to reduce root fractures. As a side note, it does taste awful, so patients will wrinkle their noses when its used.

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why i like unicem May 28, 2013



eassy to use, no irritation effects that sometimes i see occur with glass iononer cements

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unicem capsule May 28, 2013


khsdc from Solon, IA

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All Purpose Cement January 11, 2013


PersianVersion from Springfield,Ohio

This is my primary go to cement indicated for most crown and bridge cementations. The clicker version is very easy to dispense, mix and use by the assistant. There is ample working time and ease of handling. It appears to leave a thin film thickness causing the restorations to go directly in place without leaving restorations high in occlusion. The convenience of dual cure allows immediate light cure setting and self cure with time. Hence tacking the all metal or pfm restoration in place and allowing the rest to self cure. I would highly reccomend this cement short of the next generation which might include fluoride for root caries prevention.

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