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The RINN XCP-ORA design allows dentists to achieve anterior, posterior, and bitewing x-ray positioning with only one ring and arm. This reduces the number of positioning pieces in the dental office, minimizes autoclave loading, and simplifies the radiographic alignment procedure. RINN XCP-ORA One Ring and Arm Positioning System features patented red, yellow, and blue color coding for a fast visual confirmation for proper placement and alignment. Other benefits include a light weight, compact design; a rugged, durable autoclavable construction; and raised alignment guides for US- and European-sized collimators. Compatible with all XCP film and XCP-DS sensor bite blocks, the XCP-ORA represents the first major redesign of the popular x-ray positioning system, XCP. With the new 3-in-1 design, the number of elements needed for accurately placing x-ray media is dramatically reduced. —Jason Schwartz

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