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The key to Salese's long-lasting properties is Nuvora's patented Sustained Release Technology dubbed SuRe. Patients place Salese in their mouths, without biting or chewing, and it slowly dissolves for an hour or longer. The ingredients used in Salese lozenges eliminate bacteria, prevent or capture the malodors the bacteria cause, impede the formation of biofilm, and help to achieve a healthy tooth appearance. Because Salese is a sustained release product, active ingredients (including Xylitol, calcium, and phosphate) are delivered efficiently and continuously in small, optimum doses.
The active agents contained in short-lived antiseptic mouth rinses, chewing gums, and breath mints dissipate or are flushed away quickly when the patient eats or drinks. The ingredients do not reside in the mouth long enough to allow their active agents to penetrate and affect the biofilm, whose barrier protects pathogenic and non-pathogenic microorganisms, as well as hinders passage of enamel surfacerestoring ions (calcium and phosphate). However, the extended contact created by Salese increases both the oral hygiene benefits and the fresh mouth-feel essential to those suffering from dry mouth.
Salese is available in Peppermint, Wintergreen, and new Mild Lemon. —Bob Alaburda

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