Solobond Plus

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It can be used with or without the total-etch technique. Solobond sticks immediately and the primer and adhesive are moisture-tolerant for wet bonding, while it remains elastic.


Solobond Plus 4 ml Adhesive - 1/Pkg
Sku# 1049
Solobond Plus Set: 4 ml primer, 4 ml adhesive, 5 ml Vococid syringe, accessories
Sku# 1044
Solobond Plus Refill 4 ml Primer - 1/Pkg
Sku# 1048




She innocently entered a sweepstakes online. And then THIS happened…..

It started out as a lark one Sunday morning. Jane Dentist from Yourtown, USA, was on her laptop researching vacation rentals for an upcoming family trip. Suddenly, an ad caught her eye…..she could have the chance to win up to $200,000 worth of stuff for her dental practice just...

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Some Feel-Good News for a Change....Addressing Oral Health Disparities and Underserved Populations

Plans are underway for the first Summer Campers “BACK-TO-SCHOOL-CAVITY-FREE!” initiative, a collaboration of the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission (NORDC) and the National Dental Association (NDA). The project will consist of a series of NORDC events that will take place beginning March 4th through August 19th,...

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Solobond Plus
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