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Stae contains a radical resin system that dramatically decreases polymerization shrinkage and microleakage. Stae completely and homogeneously infiltrates the hybrid layer to ensure superior bonding to the tooth. Stae’s 1 bottle combines both primer and adhesive to simplify the technique and decrease patient chair time. In an aqueous environment, the fluoride ions in stae diffuse from the resin into the surrounding tooth. This ionic movement is caused by oral fluid passing in and out of the resin and tooth, acting as a carrier for the fluoride ions.


Stae Single Component Total Etch Adhesive Refill 5 ml Bottle
Sku# 8100201
Stae Single Component Total Etch Adhesive Single Dose Refill
Sku# 8100205
Stae Single Component Total Etch Adhesive Bottle Kit
Sku# 8100202




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