TempoCem Smartmix Temporary Cement

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TempoCem Smartmix Temporary Cement from DMG-America is zinc oxide/eugenol temporary cement that can be used with all types of provisionals. It is used for cementing a provisional restoration during the period between the tooth preparation and seating of the final crown. The presence of eugenol works as an analgesic for patients with sensitive teeth. It offers optimally adjusted adhesion that securely retains the restoration and maintains patient comfort. It is resistant to saliva, resulting in added stability of cement in the mouth. This biocompatible cement protects the gingival tissue and is visible on an x-ray. The easy flow allows for precise placement of cement and simple placement of the temporary. There is no heat generated during setting, resulting in a protection of pulp. TempoCem Smartmix Temporary Cement insulates prep against thermal sensitivity for enhanced patient comfort.

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TempoCem Smartmix Temporary Cement - ZOE Formula, Syringe (11 g) Refill
Technical Specification
Contains: Contains 2 (11 g) syringes and 10 Smartmix tips
Package Quantity: Each
Contains: Contains 2 (11 g) syringes and 10 Smartmix tips
Sku# 212129

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TempoCem Smartmix Temporary Cement
DMG America
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