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Tri Hawk recently launched 2 brand new polisher lines. The Universal polisher series features a silicone polisher for removing, shaping, and fi nishing ceramic, metal, acrylic, and enamel. Its coarse, abrasive grain has been embedded into a medium-hard silicone matrix to enable a high degree of removal with exceptionally easy handling.

Tri Hawk's new Diamond Impregnated series features a 2-step diamond polishing system for finishing, smoothing, and highluster polishing of all composites, componers, and ionomers. This new polisher system is designed for use with all composite materials and especially for the latest generation of high-filled hybrid composites.

All Tri Hawk burs and polishers are manufactured to Canada's ISO 13485 standards, considered by many to be the most demanding standards in the world. Tri Hawk products are inspected at up to 10 different stages during the manufacturing process. As a company whose products are designed 'for the bur connoisseur,' Tri Hawk is one of the few manufacturers in the world that is completely dedicated to dental burs and related products.

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