Ultra-BondPlus Resin Cement

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Ultra-BondPlus is a multi-purpose, dual-cured, ADA Type II restorative as well as a cement. Ultra-Bond is designed to match the physical properties of Cerinate Porcelain and tooth structure for long lasting restorations. • Helps make porcelain veneer restorations stronger and more durable • Ideal cementing and luting medium for crowns and veneers • Protects against wash-out • Eliminates cracking or crazing of porcelain • Exceptional ease of use • Easily distinguishable from tooth structure in radiographs Plus Refill Kit includes: 1 (6 g) dual barrel Ultra-Bond Plus syringe, 1 (1 g) Ultra-Bond Try-In syringe, 10 auto-mixing tips, 6 (18 gauge) pink syringe tips, 3 curing rings, rule of 55 chart and instruction card

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Ultra-Bond Plus Resin Cement - Intro Kit
Sku# 32599110
Ultra-Bond Plus Resin Cement - 10 ml Syringe Refill With 10 Automix Tips - Shade A1
Sku# 32599310
Ultra-Bond Plus Resin Cement - 10 ml Syringe Refill With 10 Automix Tips - Shade B1
Sku# 32599330
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Ultra-BondPlus Resin Cement
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