Universal Dentin Sealant

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Product Description
Ultradent’s UniCore post and drill system combines post strength with drill versatility, providing an efficient and practical alternative to metal post and drill systems. The system features translucent, radiopaque fiber posts with life-like dentin properties and a patented, multifunctional drill. The drill can be used up to 15 times to remove Thermafil, gutta percha, or composite; or up to 5 times to remove pre-existing fiber posts for re-treatment.


Ultradent Products, Inc Ultradent Universal Dentin Sealant provides immediate pain relief after scaling and root planing. Ultradent Universal Dentin Sealant is a biocompatible, nonpolymerizable, highmolecular–weight resin. The manufacturer recommends the sealant for use in the treatment of transient root sensitivity. According to Ultradent , Universal Dentin Sealant provides immediate relief and is easy to apply. Ultradent recommends coating sensitive roots with Universal Dentin Sealant to seal tubules and reduce discomfo...

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Universal Dentin Sealant
Ultradent Products, Inc.
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