Virtual XD

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New benefits of the Virtual XD include optimized flow characteristics, advanced wetting ability, and higher tear strength. The optimized flow characteristics allow for deeper penetration into the sulcus and improved coverage of the preparation. The advanced wetting ability produces precise detail reproduction of both soft and hard tissue, and the higher tear strength maintains the integrity of margins and fine detail. The system includes both tray and wash material in a fresh minty scent. The wash material is delivered in 50-mL cartridges and is available in extra light and light viscosities as well as fast and regular setting times. The tray material is offered in heavy body with fast set or regular set and the option of 50-mL cartridges or 380-mL cartridges. An automatic impression material mixer comes with the 380-mL cartridges. Ivoclar also offers jars of putty tray material in fast or regular set.

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Virtual XD
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