WaterLase iPlus 2.0

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The Biolase WaterLase iPlus is the all-tissue laser trusted by the most dentists worldwide, with over 27,300,000 patients treated. The laser can be used to treat hard-tissue, soft-tissue, and bone, giving clinicians excellent results in treatment outcomes and outstanding ROI. The laser has the first turnkey laser apps to assist in the management of periodontitis and peri-implantitis. With an intuitive and easy-to-use graphic user interface, WaterLase is designed with patented technology that provides a minimally invasive, highly precise, and an exceptionally gentle dental experience for your patients. In addition, the SureFire Delivery System is ergonomically designed for enhanced flexibility, increased precision, and maximum uptime.

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Waterlase iPlus Dual-Wavelength Laser
Technical Specification
Available Tips and Sizes: Bendable Tips
Control Panel: iPad-Like Touchscreen
Dimensions: 11 x 19 x 33
Dimensions Type: in
Foot Operation: Yes
Handpiece Type and Swivel: 2 Handpieces Available: - MD Turbo Handpiece - MD Turbo Handpiece - Both Contra Angle 360А Rotating Handpieces
Laser Classification: Class 4 Laser
Physical Media Source: Er,Cr:YSGG
Portable: Yes
Power: 10 watts
Pulse Energy: 600 mJ
Tip Sterilization Method: Autoclave - Single Use Disposable Tips Available
Wavelength: 2,780 nm
Weight: 75
Weight Type: lbs
Sku# Waterlase iPlus Dual-Wavelength Laser


Key Opinion Leaders

Key Opinion Leaders

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Don't let the "red Ferrari" paint fool you into thinking this is "fast".
Tons of options, patients like the new technology. Is NOT the answer to every dentist's wish list. Does require anesthetic on better than 50% of my patients. Slow as molasses when prepping occlusals. I usually start with the laser, end up with the slow speed or high speed to complete the prep. Great foe incisal and class V preps. Speed of preps, evidently, involves the angle of the enamel rods.
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Fantastic Upgrade
I have now had Biolase Products for over 8 years with great success clinically and serviceability of the equipment. It is quite predictable and had great reports from the patients when I use. They usually always say why did it take so long for a great tool, and why didn't my last dentist have this. For such a great tool it was easy to learn how to use but just as any new technology takes a while to learn how to clinically adapt it to your patients. Once you use on them they want it with all procedures. The only problem I have had is having a consistent representative to contact for questions and etc. Not sure if this is always the case with new technology, but seems to be a problem in my specific location with Biolase. The company does have accessible great seminars and symposiums on how to improve your use and gain confidence in your new technology with great clinicians to guide you through your problems
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iPlus will change your practice if you let it.
I'm not a big review writer, but this one is worth telling you about. I bought the iPlus in June of 2012, and over the last year it has really transformed the way that I do dentistry. I now use less anesthetic, spend less time on many preps, and have far less stress about fillings on kids. I am doing more soft tissue surgeries such as frenectomies, operculectomies, gingivectomy, etc. I use the laser for nearly every procedure, including C&B, endo, restorative, oral surgery, implants, etc. It's gentle on the tooth, puts phobic patients at ease, and gives my patients the sense that I am staying abreast of their best care. I have two offices, and currently only one iPlus, which I intend to rectify in the future. The days that I'm without it are hard on me! There is a learning curve, and there have been some frustrations on the way, but this was an excellent purchase for me and for my practice.
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WaterLase iPlus 2.0
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