XCP-ORA for Kodak 5100/:6100/:6500

Product Description
XCP-ORA for Kodak 5100/6100/6500 from Rinn accurately positions radiographic media with RINN XCP, XCP-DS, and XCP-DS Fit biteblocks with just one ring and one arm. It features a lightweight construction, which helps patients maintain positioning. Positioning procedures are less complicated by limiting the amount of clutter in the work area, due to the unique ring and arm design.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: XCP-ORA for Kodak 5100/:6100/:6500

XCP-ORA for Kodak 5100/6100/6500 - Kit with Bite Blocks - XCP-ORA for Kodak 5100/6100/6500 - Kit with Bite Blocks
Technical Specification
Anterior and Posterior Use: AnteriorPosterior
Contains: 32 bite blocks 4 each: 1H posterior, 2H posterior, 1V anterior 553014, 2V anterior, 1H bitewing, 2H bitewing, 1V bitewing, 2V bitewing
Package Quantity: Each
Sku# 553071
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XCP-ORA for Kodak 5100/:6100/:6500
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