Yeti Lube

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Yeti Lube Insulating Liquid by Keystone Industries is an alcohol and solvent free separating liquid used to isolate wax against plaster and mental. Yeti Lube is ideal for use with the Yeti waxes, Yeti spacers and will not react with the embedding material. Available in 20ml bottles.


Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials

Keystone Marketplace 1st Quarter 2015

High-shine polishing has always been a difficult process with limited results. But now, Hatho provides a revolutionary buffing system that will take your thermoplastic dental appliance to a whole new esthetic level. In just three easy steps, you’ll give thermoplastic material a shine that has only been found in acrylic materials until now. So see how this new polishing system can completely change your lab. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF...

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Yeti Lube
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