Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 08/05/2014
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The DEXIS CariVu caries detection device is a unique, radiation-free, transillumination technology that allows clinicians to identify carious lesions in a novel way. The latest in digital imaging technology, CariVu is a compact, completely portable tool that clinicians can use to spot carious lesions and cracks both occlusally and interproximally. The device ?hugs? the tooth from the buccal and lingual surface while illuminating it with non-x-ray, near-infrared light. The light shines right through healthy enamel, making it transparent, while anything porous, like a lesion, absorbs the light, revealing a highly visible dark area. Being able to see through the tooth allows for highly accurate diagnosis of carious lesions.

Simplicity and Similarity

CariVu is very simple to use. The device is lightweight and can be operated with one hand. Special extensions grip, or cradle, the tooth to be illuminated at the gingiva. When the technician has centered the image to be captured on the screen and visually confirmed adequate placement and illumination, a button on the wand is pressed to freeze the image. The same button can be held down for a few seconds to save the image to the patient?s file, and arrow keys on the handle can be used to scroll through and choose the associated tooth number. Alternatively, an assistant can complete these steps for the dentist by using the mouse.

Images captured with the CariVu patented transillumination technology look very similar to x-rays. Utilizing the DEXIS software, CariVu images are displayed on the screen alongside any traditional x-rays and intraoral pictures of the same tooth, enabling clinicians to compare them quickly and easily chairside. 

The CariVu ?Second Opinion?

Using CariVu to further analyze a suspicious area previously captured on an x-ray gives clinicians a big advantage, especially in interproximal areas, which are harder to assess. Additionally, CariVu can reveal carious areas not visible on x-rays. When combined with radiographs and intraoral photos, CariVu creates a comprehensive patient record that enables clinicians to evaluate the extent of a tooth?s condition, make a diagnosis, and determine preventive and treatment options.

Patient Education and Safety Concerns

CariVu images also can be shared with patients. Patients love seeing what the clinician is seeing?it helps them better understand the need for preventive or restorative care, and increases case acceptance. Another important advantage to using CariVu is that patients who refuse to allow x-rays to be taken will find this radiation-free diagnostic alternative acceptable.

Additional Uses

CariVu can be incorporated into routine hygiene visits to identify carious lesions in their beginning stages, as well as track their progress. Some dentists use CariVu before and during restorative procedures to ensure that they have located and eliminated any carious lesions during preparation procedures and before seating final restorations. 

CariVu is completely portable and comes with a holder that can be positioned anywhere. The device automatically shuts off when it is placed back in its holder. The tips are simple to remove and are autoclavable up to 250 times, and the wand is easy to clean with the appropriate wipes.