Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 04/28/2014
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Restorations cemented with Infinity are there to stay

denmat infinity

A true all-purpose cement must consistently deliver a comprehensive list of characteristics: easy clean up, low viscosity and film thickness, high shear and tensile strength, biocompatibility, short setting time but long working time, translucent yet radiopaque, and insolubility. Add to that the ability to bond to any tooth surface and any restorative material?all metals, zirconia, resins, and any combination thereof?and you see why cements are the key to the success of any long-lasting restoration.

Clinically Documented

Research has shown that DenMat?s Infinity, a resin ionomer cement launched in 1991, has proven clinically successful for over 20 years. Infinity truly is an all-purpose, self-adhesive cement. A self-etch formulation, Infinity SE, was developed and launched in 2009, giving clinicians the option to bond directly to tooth structure without the need for acid etching. With no etching or bonding required, Infinity SE effectively eliminates the necessity for additional procedures or keeping multiple products in stock.

A Multitude of Indications

Infinity can be used for both cementation and as a base/ liner in many kinds of restorative situations. It is ideal for securing a comprehensive variety of restorations, from zirconia to cast precious and semi-precious metals, porcelain, all-ceramic, resin or ceramic inlay/onlays, bonded amalgam, Maryland bridges and other resin-retained prostheses, and all types of endodontic posts. Infinity is also easy to clean up?excess material can be removed within seconds. While it has good translucency, Infinity is radiopaque and highly distinguishable on x-rays from natural tooth structure.

Beneficial Properties

Being self-adhesive with low film thickness (20 ?m), Infinity syringes quickly and precisely into place from an easy-to-use automix syringe delivery system that facilitates handling while reducing any waste of material or time. The low film thickness also ensures precise fitting of crowns and other restorations. Infinity is well-documented for biocompatibility and minimizes postoperative sensitivity. It seals the dentin tubules and consistently produces non-microleaking, stress-resistant margins. Infinity?s insoluble properties prevent marginal washout and keep microbials out of the preparation. It also continually releases fluoride, reducing secondary decay. Because it is a dual-cure cement, Infinity cures with or without a light. The set time is 7 minutes for self-curing and 5 to 20 seconds for light curing. Clean up is very easy and takes only seconds?when the restoration is seated, the clinician can spot cure any excess cement around the margins for just 1 to 3 seconds to bring the excess material to a gel state, and then simply remove the gelled material with a hand instrument.

Infinity Is Here to Stay

For more than 20 years, the Infinity product line has been used by thousands of dentists to cement all of their restorations with complete confidence. It?s everything a dentist wants an all-purpose resinionomer cement to be: easy to use, easy to clean up, indicated for all tooth and restorative surfaces, high in bond strength, fracture-resistant, biocompatible, insoluble, radiopaque, self-adhesive, and offered at a lower price than other leading brands. With its consistent track record and exceptional value, Infinity holds up to the test of time.