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Published Date 05/14/2014
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Anesthetic reversal agent reduces duration by up to half.

I first learned about OraVerse while attending a seminar (that, incidentally,  had nothing to do with anesthesia). I picked up a brochure from a product information table; it caught my eye with the headline ?Normal Faster.? After reading the brochure, I literally jumped in with both feet, wanting to try it. 

In my pediatric practice, I encounter so many kids who bite their lip  and/or simply don?t like that ?numb feeling,? so I decided to try OraVerse. As soon as I returned to the office, I ordered the minimal amount so that we could experiment. 

?Studied? and Proven

While we knew about the statistics from independent studies, we did our own ?study? on OraVerse. I would record the time we administered the OraVerse?typically right after preparing the tooth but before ?filling.? Later, we?d call the parent to get an estimate of when the numbness wore off. The results were dramatic. Most kids were back to normal by the time they got to their cars or back to school. 

Just Another Component

During the treatment planning phase, we explain to the parents where their child will be numb and for how long. We then tell them that we have a wonderful medicine that reverses these effects so their child won?t experience that ?fat feeling? for a long time. They are always given one of the brochures and asked if they?d like to have that themselves. 

I make it clear that it doesn?t just make the numbness go away instantly, but will cut the time in half. This is a good concept for the parents. I use OraVerse for everything except extractions and SSC/Pulps. My rule of thumb: If I want them to have that anesthetic feeling for longer because of possible postoperative pain, I don?t use it. 

Patient Centered

Overall, patient reaction to OraVerse is amazing! The little ones have no idea what they?re getting, but they like the fact that when they get up, that ?fat feeling? seems to go away faster. More worried about their appearance, the young adults think it?s fabulous as well. It?s better postoperatively for them returning to school. The parents are overwhelmed that their kids won?t ?bite their lips? and have an awful sore. 

I had one young patient, maybe 6 years old, whose mother refused the OraVerse for the one lower right-side filling. While numb, he had gnawed his lip making it swell tremendously and it looked infected. Mom called me over the emergency line that evening thinking the worst. The next treatment was for his lower left, and this time she approved the use of OraVerse. She was so excited that he was ?un-numb? before he left the practice that day. 

Practice Benefits

The most notable benefit for our pediatric practice is that the kids are happy, and moms refer patients to us because we use it. Additionally, we?ve been able to decrease number of appointments because we can do multiple quadrants at one visit.

And for our bottom line, we charge $20 for a treatment whether I use 1 or 2 carpules. (I usually use ½ to 1 carpule), so it?s profitable for us. 

More importantly, we?re providing a great service for our patients. I love it that we can send patients off after treatment without the risk of biting injuries, burns, drooping lips, drooling, and many  more harmful and embarrassing conditions.