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3 Reasons to Make the Switch to ELECTROmatic

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KaVo's ELECTROmatic platform has 3 models to offer the right fit of features and budget for every practice:


  1. 1. ELECTROmatic Premium is an all-in-one device featuring a color touch screen for intuitive handling and integrated endo function with more than 20 preprogrammed file systems and optional reciprocating functions.
  3. 2. ELECTROmatic Plus is the solution for all high-speed and low-speed applications.
  5. 3. ELECTROmatic represents the entry point into the world of KaVo electrics.


Switching to KaVo electrics helps you to improve your efficiency, provide better patient care, and increase your confidence in handling complicated cases. KaVo electric systems combine state of the art handpieces, a short, light-weight motor and the NEW ELECTROmatic control system to provide an optimal electric solution for your practice.


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