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A High-Def Camera for Diagnosis and Patient Education

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The DEXcam 4 HD from DEXIS is one of the newest imaging tools in its class to help serve the dental community. With its crystal-clear and high-definition images, the intraoral camera helps dentists diagnose, educate, and collaborate. This product aids in early detection and gives an accurate representation of various dental conditions with real-time images that help to immediately document a patient’s overall oral health.

The camera used on the DEXcam 4 HD is impressive and innovative, packing an impressive 1.3-million pixels CMOS sensor that delivers high-resolution images. It has a precision 7-element glass optical lens, which produces exceptional image quality and helps to greatly prevent image distortion.

The camera is rated as one of the best because it is highly detailed, easy to use, and reliable. Its new technology promises that images will maintain their natural color tones. Its portability is made possible because of its USB connection. DEXIS has made the process of saving images seamless—a single press freezes the image; simply press and hold to save the image to the patient’s record. Not to mention that you will have complete control of focus, image capture, and movement between operatories.

The DEXcam 4 HD’s highly detailed images help to increase a patient’s understand of your clinical findings, helping you to explain various treatment and procedure recommendations. In addition, this product will help you to document effectively—you’ll have a clear history of a patient on file with easy access.

To learn more about the benefits of DEXcam 4 HD and how it can be used to easily diagnose and educate, click here.

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