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A Simple Solution to an Age-Old Problem

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Have you noticed that your patient population is getting a little older? That’s because the U.S. population is getting older. In 2014, about 46.2 million people in the United States were 65 or older, 14.5% of the population. By 2060, it’s estimated that number will reach 98 million.

As you well know, your older patient population will come with some special needs, including assistance with reduced mobility. One area where this manifests is the neck and shoulders, making it difficult to sit comfortably with the head back, especially for long dental procedures.

A simple prop can make all the difference. Crescent Products  developed the Geriatric Headrest specifically to address this issue. It’s designed to simulate the position of an articulating headrest, but Crescent added 2 more inches of support. They recommend using it with a flat headrest dental chair.

Keeping your patients comfortable, and in the best position for ease of access for you and your clinical staff, is a great way to make the whole dental visit a better experience for your patients.

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