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Dentist Removes Own Tooth

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As reported by a Montrose local newspaper, Dr. Daniel Hatch broke the tooth and the one beside it when he was rabbit hunting at age 17. Now 31, and after several root canals, the young dentist decided that it was time for the tooth to go.

Dentist and Tooth?Most patients get pretty nervous about extractions and implants,? said Dr. Hatch. "I figured if they can see how I was able to do it on myself, they could see it?s not a big deal.?

Clocking in at seven minutes long, the video shows a step-by-step account of Dr. Hatch performing the procedure: he self-injects a numbing agent, removes the tooth (No. 10 lateral incisor), installs an implant, sutured the area, and fabricates a temporary tooth.

And though self-surgery isn?t taught in dental school, Dr. Hatch was certain he could do it: ?I work through mirrors every day,? he said, ?so the hand-eye coordination is the same for me.? 

We?ve talked quite a bit lately about helping skittish patients, and this video might be a great resource to show patients who are uncertain about getting dental implants. After all, if this dentist can do it to himself, then really, there?s nothing to be afraid of.

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