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Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. Catches Flak for Dental Surgery Timing

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Oh, Odell… What are you up to now?

Part of being a New York Giants fan is keeping up with Odell Beckham, Jr.—the talented, sometimes ill-tempered, but wholly entertaining star wide receiver. If you recall, OBJ was among the Giants players criticized for hanging out with Justin Bieber on a boat in Miami the week before a big playoff game against Green Bay…which the Giants lost. But hey, there’s always next season, right? 

Now OBJ is catching some flak for missing Eli Manning’s training camp at Duke University. The sports writer criticizing him is Gary Myers—the husband of a dentist! 

“I would never minimize any dental issues: My wife is a dentist, so I understand,” Myers wrote for the Daily News. “Perhaps his procedure needed to be timed so he can get on the field with Manning on April 18. But unless this issue just came up, he should have blocked out last week to be with his quarterback.” 

Ah, c’mon now Gary, I think we’re splitting some hairs about “Blondie” (as teammate Victor Cruz calls him).

As Myers notes, Giants Coach Ben McAdoo wants the playing chemistry between Eli Manning and OBJ to improve. Who knows? Getting your “head in the game” could all start with a healthy smile!  

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