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Hate Cancellations? Download these 7 Secrets!

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In a recent survey, both dentists and office managers indicated that no-shows and last-minute cancellations are one of their biggest challenges in terms of productivity and efficiency. To help,  Lighthouse 360 has created a new eBook called “The 7 Secrets to Solve Last-Minute Cancellations” that’s available as a free download for dental practices and dental professionals. Learn all about:

How cancellations can cost your practice upwards of $52,000 a year, not to mention the dozens of hours each week your team spends scrambling to fill those slots. That’s lost revenue and staff time that will never be replaced, to which you can add all kinds of inconveniences—from other patients being kept waiting to staff being distracted from the countless other jobs that need their attention on a daily basis.

The free eBook outlines typical reasons why patients cancel appointments, ways to prevent them, plus shares how a brand new technology  called “Fill-in,” can change everything by automatically detecting and filling cancelled appointments—making sure your schedule is bustling and your team doesn’t feel like it’s hustling.

For a free copy of the eBook, click here.


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