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Keeping up With the Pediatric Patient Pool

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There is probably no time at which a pediatric dentist is not thinking about how to streamline or simplify processing up to 100 kids through the practice a day. From the safe distance of a non-dentist point of view, it sounds like an ant hill in terms of activity. Efficiency and smooth communication would be a top priority for everyone involved—practitioners, front desk staff, moms and dads, and children who may or may not be happy to be there.

I imagine that cutting down on munchkin waiting time would be a big priority. I would think that pediatric dental offices would benefit from a digital workflow designed for a fast-paced, kid-centered environment. XLDent’s software systems include features that keep patients moving. From automated and paperless patient check-in to wireless access to patient records, XLDent helps eliminate bottlenecks and other potential headaches.

With XLDent, it all starts before the pediatric patient arrives. You can use the preferred method of communication regarding appointment reminders (text, email, phone call) and XLDent has partnered with Lighthouse 360 to automate all this.

Then the secure, online patient portal lets the busy family start the registration process conveniently from the comfort of their own home (or the office, ballpark, or swim meet?), whether they are new, or current patients updating the usual forms. As part of their eMessage, they’ll be reminded to do this before arriving for their appointment. This aspect of the XLDent system integrates seamlessly with your existing website and lets your patients’ parents keep track of their kids’ dental care and progress. They can check on proposed treatment or treatment history, make payments, keep track of scheduled future treatment appointments, etc. This isn’t only convenient for smooth-running pedo practices — the best part is the information is accessible in real-time.

Electronic check-in gets patient visits started efficiently, and is a simple and easy way to update important details in the electronic dental record via a Tablet PC. An “intelligent document center” keeps track of when each type of form is due for an update, automatically alerting the parent checking in if updates are needed to health history and other pertinent forms. This “unattended” way of checking in frees up staff time, maintains continuity, and actually safeguards the process of updating records no matter how many kids are running around in the waiting room.

Once an appointment is underway, wireless, tablet-friendly software lets the busy pediatric team move about freely, and fast if necessary, with all the patient’s records right in their hands. Customized templates with quick-pick lists help make documenting visit details and progress easy and thorough.

Patients (and their parents) want the dental experience to be more like other aspects of their lives: quick, easy, consistent, secure, and accessible; and pediatric dentists want each visit to be as easy and stress-free as possible.

Click here for more information. Or visit XLDent at booth 110 at the AAPD meeting in Washington, DC.


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