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Let There Be LED Lighting

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DentalEZ is about to make a wise leap into the world of diode lighting, and what an illuminating choice they’ve made. There is no doubt that LED lighting has many advantages over the traditionally praised halogen-bulb lighting, which requires much maintenance and attention. Let’s go over some of the benefits LED lights have over other types of lighting:


1. Efficiency

LED lighting will not only save you money with your electric use, reducing costs by up to 85%.,[1] it will offer substantially more light while using less power than traditional halogen lighting.


2. Long-Lasting

LED lights have an average life expectancy of 50,000 hours.[2] If you use your lights for 10 hours a day during the work week, this equates to about 19.2 years of light. Because of their long life, LED lights become the most cost-effective light on the market.


3. Anti-Heat Producing

With halogen lighting comes the risk of overheating generated by the infrared spectrum of the emitted radiation.1 This can cause much discomfort for the patient, and a long appointment can also produce tissue desiccation. One of the major benefits for dental professionals is that LED lighting is cool lighting—it does not produce heat.


4. Stronger, More Consistent Light

LED lights offer a more consistent stream of light, making for better procedures that run more smoothly. Dental professionals are able to see an even splay of light, even in the darkest of cavities.


DentalEZ currently offers two products that utilize LED technology to help make your practice more effiecient and cost-effective: The Core LED Light and EverLight. The Core LED Light boasts three light intensity settings and allows for no-touch operation, making it very conveniant during procedures. EverLight provides natural daylight illimination to offer clearler oral cavity visibility. The product has nine color-intensity settings to help meet all your operative needs and also consumes 70% less energy than traditional halogen lighting.

The choice of switching to the technologically advanced LED lighting is easy, considering its many benefits.


[1] Hoffman, Ira. “Incandescent to Halogen to Diode: The Evolution of Visual Diagnostics.” Oral Health. 13 July 2014.

[2] “LED Life Expectancy.” 4 February 2009.

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