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Modernize the Practice While Streamlining Services

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As technology continues to move dentistry forward with new and innovative products and services to implement in the workplace, it’s important to remember that patients expect to receive a better experience and outcome than they did a decade ago. A trip to a doctor’s office used to mean filling out a significant amount of paperwork, using tedious payment methods, and relying on phone calls for communication. With Carestream Dental’s eServices suite, dentists are able to add modern touches to help streamline payment methods and facilitate practice marketing.

With ePayments, dentists can accept and process all major credit cards in one simple step, and the payments are automatically posted to patients’ accounts, expediting cash flow and reducing accounts receivable errors. With credit card numbers securely stored for future reference, there is no more double posting or re-keying in a standalone system. Also, because many patients are now using their mobile devices with NFC, contactless payments systems—such us Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay—will soon be accepted through this platform, so paying couldn’t be easier.

Many dental professionals aren’t just focused on dentistry—they also have to find time to market their practice. With eConnections, marketing techniques are made simple so dentists can grow their businesses with ease while directing most of their focus to their patients. This module offers various tools that make communicating with patients simple: you can create sleek marketing emails and track their results, help prospective patients find you through organic search engine results (SEO), set up automatic reminders, and monitor your online presence.

Trying to control different aspects of your practice can be daunting when a dentist’s primary focus is on patient care, but with Carestream Dental’s eServices suite, multi-tasking and communication becomes modernized—helping your practice take a necessary step into the future.


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