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Optimizing Dental Office Communication

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Arrive, pour coffee, log into XLNotify. It automatically signs you in and a window pops up showing your online status (present, coffeed, ready to roll). You will immediately see who else is on board the busy-day train, and who may not be riding along that day.

To send a message, select a person from the status window, type a message, and hit send. Commonly used phrases can be saved for selection so they don’t have to be rekeyed, just clicked on. You can choose the “broadcast” button to send a message to everyone at the same time. Another feature is group creating—you can message multiple people (eg, the front office group or the clinical group) about the same thing at the same time.

XLNotify runs in the background during the day. If a message comes in, you’ll hear an alert tone, and a little window pops up in the corner where you can type your message back in the “reply” line. If you don’t have an answer off the top of your head, click on the box and it will be hidden until you are ready to respond. You can customize your alert tone, whether you want to view in full text mode or from your system tray, and how long the message remains visible. The day’s messages are cached, so you can see them all at once if you maximize the window again.

XLNotify is compatible with all dental practice management systems, if you don’t happen to subscribe to all of XLDent’s system.

This is a pretty sophisticated interoffice communication. I would say simpler, but I once worked with an editor who would stick his head in my office door and say, “You bellowed?” Let’s just say XLNotify won’t disturb your patients.

To see a demonstration of this instant messaging technology, click here. To read a recent DPS evaluation of XLNotify click here.  XLNotify received a score of 4.7!

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