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Optimizing Patient Treatment with the EVOGUE Delivery System

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When one thinks of comfort, some automatically think of relaxation and body support. Others may think of the large price tag that it may bear. What if comfort can be attained while working in a dental office at a reachable value? The EVOGUE delivery system from Belmont Equipment demonstrates the types of versatile and flexible packages that lead to better efficiency and improved comfort in an office. With a streamlined design that brings productivity to the forefront, the system empowers you to create a customized and accessible workspace for your office. 

EVOGUE not only delivers on features, it also offers many benefits that can improve your day-to-day workflow. With a 90°-to-90° pivot rotation from the delivery head, EVOGUE creates a seamless workspace, keeping all instruments within arm’s reach without adding strain to the operator’s body. A 25° angle of the handpiece holder bar brings the instruments closer to the operator’s hand, and provides a safe drop-down distance that helps protect dentists from puncturing or injuring themselves. A centrally located seat-positioning control touchpad is integrated into the EVOGUE delivery system control head to provide quick and easy patient adjustment when foot controls are not utilized.

Additional EVOGUE benefits include:

  1. • Reliability: Backed by a 5-year warranty, offering peace of mind.
  2. • Integration: Designed to fit Belmont’s operatory lights and dental chairs (Quolis® and X-Calibur    Series dental chairs, Bel-Halo and Clesta LED lights).
  3. • Convenience: Hose tender on vac-pac lifts hoses off the floor and away from the operator.

With the choice of traditional over-the-patient delivery and left-right swing mounted models, each configuration offers its own options, such as a porcelain cuspidor, monitor mount, and additional hardware, such as a Cavitron Scaler. Belmont has also introduced the all-new EVOGUE cabinet-mounted configuration, equipped with EVOGUE features and space saving capabilities, conveniently positioned under your Belmont rear cabinet.

Updating or building an office from the ground up is stressful. It’s important to find ways to alleviate that stress by ensuring that your newly purchased equipment is not only affordable, but is dependable in design and brings efficiency and comfort to both your office and your team.


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