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Panasil Impression Material Celebrates 35 years!

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Kettenbach’s Panasil family of award-winning A-silicone-based impression materials is celebrating an impressive 35 years of being a world-wide market leader in the dental industry.  Providing consistent, predicatable results, Panasil has gone through multiple advancement over the years.

The Panasil line offers some unique features. Perhaps most important is how hydrophilic it is. Said to be the lowest contact wetting angle of any PVS or polyether type of impression material, this characteristic allows it to work reliably regardless of remaining moisture in the mouth, and to capture preparation detail exactly.

Panasil impression material is also very thixotropic, staying where it is placed, yet it is highly flowable under compression.  With a short setting time it also provides for greater chairside efficiency. In addition, Panasil impression materials also have remarkable elastic properties, high tensile strengths, and maintain their shape indefinitely.

Available in very low, low, and medium viscosities, Panasil can be used in every clinical situation, and you can expect that it will neither drip nor slump, reducing the number of retakes necessary to achieve a perfectly fitting restoration. This saves both time and money.

Kettenbach impression materials are available directly from the manufacturer at prices distributors are unable to offer.  Click here for more information.

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