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Practice Management: 3 Words of Advice

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Several years ago, I attended a practice management retreat for dentists. As you know, I’m not a dentist, but I was invited as a member of the dental media to sit in. The event, which took place at a pretty cool and funky resort over a couple of days, included presentations, teambuilding exercises, and personal development activities.

Much of practice management is simple, but worth being reminded of. Here are three nuggets of wisdom I still remember from all those years ago.


Attitude adjustment

As a leader in your practice, walk in each day with a good attitude. You may need to spend a few minutes in the parking lot adjusting your frame of mind (especially if you had a tough time getting yourself and your family started on the day), but it’s worth it to create a positive workplace where everyone feels appreciated.

Staff involvement

Involve your staff in your business decisions. Get their input before you invest in a new piece of clinical equipment or practice management software. When you have their buy-in, it’s more likely that they’ll embrace change and eagerly participate in any necessary training.


Work with professionals

You’re a dentist, not a lawyer, tax accountant, data cruncher, or website developer. Reach out to experts to help you run your business, and invest in the tools and software that will help you stay HIIPA compliant, communicate with your patients, build your online presence, and manage practice finances.


If you’re looking for practice management software to help you run your practice more efficiently so you can focus on caring for your patients, take some time with you staff to investigate all of the products listed on the Dental Product Shopper web site.



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