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Q&A with Lamar Roberts, President of LED Dental

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Q. So what?s going on with LED Dental?

A. To sum it up? A lot. We have a new vision for our company, new team members and a portfolio full of new products. We?re on a mission to become a key player in dental imaging?and we?ve already grown by leaps and bounds since the launch of our first imaging product in April. This venture is in addition to LED Dental?s position as the market leader of adjunctive oral screening technology with our VELscope Vx Enhanced Oral Assessment System, which we?re continuing to progress. We?ve launched a number of new products such as the Samsung RAYSCAN Alpha multi-function digital extraoral imaging system, Opteo intraoral sensors and LED Imaging Software, in addition to the LED IC100 and LED IC200 intraoral cameras.

We?ve been able to accomplish all of this by bringing some of the best minds in the field to our team, many of whom we?ve worked with before. Our senior leadership team brings nearly 80 collective years of experience in dental imaging to the table to make good on our promise of providing oral health practitioners with the tools they need to succeed, plus quality service and support. The best part? We?re just getting started?we have many more plans in the works, and this fall is a busy one for us.

Q. How long has this transition into dental imaging been in the works?

A. With the success of our VELscope Vx Enhanced Oral Assessment System, we?ve been able to turn our focus to the dental imaging category and take an inventory on what the market lacks and what practitioners need. Our entry into the dental imaging space has been in the works for quite some time, and we?ve done plenty of research up front to make sure that we are the piece that completes the dental imaging puzzle. With the addition of Dr. David Gane, Dr. Jeffrey Brooks and others to the LED Dental team, we?re making our vision a reality.

Q. What is your view on the direction the industry is headed (especially with regard to technology and digital imaging)?

A. The obvious answer is that the industry is rapidly transitioning to digital radiography, 3D CBCT imaging and CAD/CAM systems. Technology is fluid, constantly changing and improving. Research and development teams are continuously looking for the next best thing. For me, it?s important that we get the basics down and make sure practitioners have what they need first, then offer them the bells and whistles (the things they want). We?re meticulous in selecting the products we add to our portfolio because we want clinicians to have the very best?that includes what they need and what they want. It?s an exciting time for the dental industry!

Q. Is there one new product or service in the portfolio that you are particularly excited about?

A. Personally, I?m most excited about the Samsung RAYSCAN Alpha digital imaging system. The RAYSCAN Alpha?Expert has panoramic, CBCT, and cephalometric imaging capabilities, and was developed by Ray Co., a subsidiary of worldwide technology giant Samsung Electronics. The RAYSCAN Alpha system is Samsung?s first product in the dental market. Everyone knows what an impact Samsung has had on the consumer electronics space, so we?re extremely proud of this partnership and what it means for the dental industry. I'd be remiss if I didn?t share that practitioners already love the unit and it?s even won the red dot design award and International Design Excellence Bronze Award. The RAYSCAN Alpha-Expert has CMOS and Direct Deposition CsI Detectors to ensure clinicians can quickly capture high-quality, 16-bit DICOM images at a low radiation dose. Its focal trough is optimized and controlled through Adaptive Moving Focus technology, while its exclusive noise-reduction algorithms enhance image quality. Those are the basics. As for the bells and whistles, the system features integrated LED lighting that indicates the unit?s exposure status at a glance. It?s also the world?s first imaging system to utilize a wireless remote control for patient positioning. Finally, the system is completely upgradable from panoramic to CBCT and cephalometric capabilities in-office, so its capabilities can grow as the practice?s clinical needs do. Ultimately, the system supports improved diagnosis, faster treatment times and happier patients?that?s what we call a win-win-win situation.

Q. How is the transition going, and how have the initial products launched been received?

A. The transition has been smooth, and our expanded product portfolio has been received with open arms. We attribute that to a number of factors, the first being our solid leadership team with diverse skillsets and many relationships across the industry. Additionally, we?ve done our research and have made sure that the products we?re adding to our portfolio fill the gaps that exist in today?s marketplace. And last but not least, we pride ourselves on being a company that strives for excellence from beginning to end ? we want practitioners to feel as though they are a part of the LED Dental family. From the point of sale, to installation and support, we provide top-notch service to our practitioners just like we would to our friends and family.

Q. What excites you about these products? What will clinicians be able to do that will get them excited as well?

A. In a nutshell, LED Dental?s products are innovative, easy to use, and offer practitioners and patients alike benefits across the board: time savings, financial advantages, improved health and an overall better experience. It?s not enough for practitioners to read what our products do, they need to see it. Like I said before, this fall is a busy season for us, so I urge practitioners to stop by our booth at the next tradeshow they attend to see our products in action. We?ve also revamped our website to better showcase our product portfolio. We?re on the cusp of a new era, and the future couldn?t look brighter?we hope the dental industry is ready to join us!

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