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SecureMail – Cloud-based HIPAA-Compliant Email

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Data security breaches are in the news every day. Hackers attack governments, political parties, companies, organizations, hospitals, and individuals, sometimes just for fun or to prove a point, but often maliciously. It’s enough to make one quite paranoid. Dentists may think they are not going to be the target of any kind of security attack, but I’ve been reading that dental offices are in fact considered easy prey.

Pretty much everyone in the world has switched over to the electronic filing of things. It doesn’t matter if you go to the doctor, the dentist, or the veterinarian, your patient records are on their computer system. And everyone knows they need to keep these records safe and secure from hacking and cyber attacks. Dental records include the vital details of a whole bunch of people—from their names, addresses, and birthdates, to their health history, probably along with all of the above for their entire family. If you have 1,000 or more patients, just imagine how valuable all that information could be to a crook, whether it’s stolen by an outsider or someone in-house (do dentists even do background checks on potential employees?).

These concerns led to HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996), requirements that healthcare organizations must implement to keep electronic access to health data secure, and to remain strictly in compliance with privacy regulations set by the HHS (US Department of Health and Human Services).

One component of compliance is having ultra secure email service. Thanks to this foresight, when you are filing claims, doing remittance, detailed referrals, transferring records, and even just emailing patients about their appointments or test results, secure email is not only essential, but mandatory.

XLDent offers SecureMail, a HIPAA-compliant, encrypted email solution. SecureMail is a cloud-based subscription service that can be used by any practice, regardless of the dental practice management system you are currently using.

SecureMail safeguards all patient-related email and file attachments. It simultaneously, and seamlessly, ensures compliance and cost-effectively manages this aspect of you practice’s business processes.

Key Benefits:

  • • Send secure email to anyone, anywhere, with just one click
  • • Easy installation, easy to use and maintain
  • • Works through Microsoft Outlook
  • • Monitors tracking, confirmation, received and opened
  • • Larger files and images can be sent directly from a web portal
  • • Bypasses email system file-size limitations
  • • Up to 100MB standard, up to 2GB optional

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