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Technology Integration without Frustration

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It is a given that workflow and patient education are both improved by a smoothly operating practice management system that seamlessly integrates diagnostic technology as well as patient records. With its Dentrix Connected program, Dentrix helps technology companies integrate their products and share data with Dentrix to enhance digital workflows that improve patient care while increasing productivity.

An article in a supplement to Dental Product Shopper sponsored by Henry Schein Practice Solutions discusses how patients have come to expect the use of the latest technology during their appointments and notice if there is a lack of efficiency. Just as dentists have found it easier to explain conditions and treatment plans using digital imagery, patients have found it easier to understand what they’re talking about and to accept proposed treatment plans. Building a “technology ecosystem” by using technologies offered by Dentrix Connected partners provides the tools that dentists need to more interactively communicate with their patients, as well as insurance companies.

To read this article, click here to download the supplement.

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