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The Importance of Investing in Technology Training

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The leading reason why technologies fail is inadequate training, according to Dr. Lou Shuman, president and CEO of Cellerant Consulting Group. With training being such a critical component to the successful (and safe) use of technology, it is necessary to devote enough time, stay committed to the training, and develop a plan to ensure that users have received enough and appropriate training to properly use a technology. Here’s what Dr. Shuman suggested readers take into consideration when they are bringing new technology into the practice in a supplement to Dental Product Shopper sponsored by Henry Schein Practice Solutions.

Learning Styles—When incorporating new technology into the dental practice, be mindful of the fact that every team member has a different learning style and speed. Training may need to be adapted from person to person to be successful for each individual. Some will be quick learners, and ohers may take longer to get a good grasp on something new. Remember, not all people like change!

Action Plan—Having an action plan in place before training starts will help the process. Dr. Shuman advises that a 3- to 6-month learning curve should be built into the plan, which should include formal as well as informal coaching plus hands-on training. The trainer should be demonstrating mastery of the technology for the training to be effective.

Resident Expert—Dr. Shuman always advises dental practices to choose a technology expert among the staff to take the lead. Choosing a person who loves technology to spearhead the action plan, keep team members and the dentist updated, train new employees, and be the manufacturer contact will help the process progress and stay on track.

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