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What Every Dental Practice Needs to Know About Data Backup

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Sometimes when I work on an upcoming issue of Dental Product Shopper, I come across a piece of advice that I simply can’t wait to share. This is one of those times!

Dr. Marc K. Wilk, a dentist based in New York City, has an important message about backing up your practice data—it may not be working, at least not in the way you thought it was.

Through our recent conversation, I learned that Dr. Wilk is a self-taught expert on practice management systems. He graduated from dental school during the advent of these technologies and his practice has grown with them. Dr. Wilk’s passion and accumulated knowledge is evident, and his advice is clear: use something reliable like the Hybrid Backup Service provided by Henry Schein TechCentral.

I had previously interviewed a different dentist who alluded to the issue of a backup not really working as one might expect it to. I wasn’t sure what that meant at the time, but Dr. Wilk was able to provide a clear explanation by sharing his personal experience. In 2014, his practice almost lost all their data when their server unexpectedly failed. This point can’t be overstated: equipment failure or natural catastrophe can strike any practice. 

Unfortunately for Dr. Wilk, this incident happened before the advent of the TechCentral Hybrid Backup Service, which he believes is the solution to the past problems of data backup.

“In one package, you have a backup device that is plug-and-play and specifically formatted to automatically back up your server,” says Dr. Wilk. “It then transmits an identical copy of your data to the cloud storage. That way, it is stored in 2 locations, plus, TechCentral support is monitoring your backup so you can be sure your data isn’t getting corrupted during the backup process.” 

You can read more about why Dr. Wilk uses the TechCentral Hybrid Backup Service in the July issue of DPS. In the meantime, don’t wait to find out if your backup is working!

Reach out to TechCentral directly at (844) 206-1228 or visit to learn more about protecting and backing up the patient data in your office.

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