Early Adopters: Pro-V C&B

Published Date 02/28/2019
The reliability and success of temporary provisional materials depend on the strength and durability of the material used, and its ability to protect the pulp and soft tissues. It also should satisfy patients esthetically, presenting an idea of what their final result will look and feel like. Choosing the best materials and tools on the market for temporization is an important first step in the restorative process. Dr. Kirk Poldek and his team have been pleased with the success of BISCO's new Pro-V C&B temporary crown-and-bridge material.
When working on temporary crowns and bridges at Poldek Family Dental in South Barrington, IL, Dr. Kirk Poldek and assistant Marci Pawlak look for a few key qualities in the material they use. They want predictability, esthetics, and durability in a material that handles well and works quickly. They also want to diminish the risk of problems such as a fracture during fitting or seating, or a patient returning with a broken provisional crown.

Dr. Poldek was pleased to discover BISCO's new Pro-V C&B, a temporary crown-and-bridge material that quickly and easily creates durable and natural-looking restorations. Developed using a multifunctional acrylic composite, Pro-V C&B provides a temporary restoration that is an ideal mixture of strength and flexibility, with the esthetics to emulate a natural tooth.

Pro-V C&B's high flexural and compressive strength reduces the risk of a temporary restoration fracturing in the mouth when subjected to high or sudden masticatory loading. This higher strength results in durable temporary restorations that fracture less frequently during removal and fitting.
"Pro-V C&B has an ideal setting time, no distortion, and it trims and polishes great. This makes it an excellent option for fabrication of temporary anterior restorations."
"Strength is a plus when fabricating temporary bridge restorations and temporary anterior restorations. With Pro-V C&B, there are no issues with breaking,” said Dr. Poldek.

The highly esthetic composite is indicated for the fabrication of temporary crowns, partial crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers—including long-term temporary restorations. The self-curing material is available in 4 essential shades, polishes beautifully, and can be trimmed with minimal effort.

Another advantage of using Pro-V C&B is speed and efficiency. Once mixed, the material sets within 4 minutes. The thin smear layer makes the temporary restoration easier to handle and remove from the impression, and the natural luster also saves the clinician time.

“Pro-V C&B has an ideal setting time, no distortion, and it trims and polishes great,” said Dr. Poldek. “This makes it an excellent option for fabrication of temporary anterior restorations.”
Dr. Poldek received his DDS in 2003 from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is currently in private practice in South Barrington, IL, where he has incorporated state-of-the-art technologies, including CAD/CAM and cone beam imaging. Dr. Poldek is a member of the CEREC Study Club, the Galileos CBCT Mentor program, the ADA, Illinois State Dental Society, Chicago Dental Society, and the International Dental Implant Association.
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