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SprintRay Pro is the most user-friendly, powerful, and reliable desktop printer in dentistry. Designed with the input of practicing...
Form Wash is one half of the automated post-processing workflow from Formlabs Dental: a part washer to remove residual resin after printing.
Form Cure is one half of the automated post-processing workflow from Formlabs Dental: a curing unit that optimizes material properties.
Whip Mix’s VeriModel OS 3D print resin is now available in grey. The methacrylate-based resin is designed for various dental applications...
VeriSplint OS, the first FDA-cleared 3D-print hard splint material that is rigid and durable for dental bite guards/splints and occlusal...
SprintRay Pro makes the 3D printing process seamless while delivering industry-leading technology. To ensure smooth operation, SprintRay...
Whip Mix introduces Dentca digital denture materials, the first 3D-printed resins to receive FDA clearance. Their physical properties and...
​Straumann CARES P series 3D Printers redefine surgical efficiency by delivering professional, top-quality surgical guides, models, and...
Whip Mix announces the Asiga MAX, one of the most advanced digital dental 3D printers offering exceptional productivity in a small...
The cara Print 4.0 is a 3D DLP printer capable of printing a wide and expanding range of dental appliances for dental laboratories. cara...
Stratasys introduces the Objet30 Dental Prime, a 3D printer designed to allow smaller dental labs to produce a wide range of models and...
Whip Mix has introduced its new PRO 4K large format 3D printers from Asiga. The open-material printers for 385-nm resins feature...

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