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With the VeriBuild LCD 3D Printer, labs or dental practices can now print extremely precise models and accurate surgical guides with...
Formlabs’ Dental Form 3B printer and platform will offer the next generation of dental materials, a dedicated service team, and software...
VeriSplint OS, the first FDA-cleared 3D-print hard splint material that is rigid and durable for dental bite guards/splints and occlusal...
SprintRay Pro is the most user-friendly, powerful, and reliable desktop printer in dentistry. Designed with the input of practicing...
SprintRay Pro makes the 3D printing process seamless while delivering industry-leading technology. To ensure smooth operation, SprintRay...
Whip Mix introduces Dentca digital denture materials, the first 3D-printed resins to receive FDA clearance. Their physical properties and...
Whip Mix announces it is the exclusive distributer for Asiga 3D printers in the dental market for North America. Asiga 3D printers are...
​Straumann CARES P series 3D Printers redefine surgical efficiency by delivering professional, top-quality surgical guides, models, and...
​Owandy Radiology recently received FDA 510(k) clearance for its 3D wall-mounted panoramic digital radiography unit, the I-Max 3D. The...
3D Systems has launched an on-demand anatomical modeling service that provides access to anatomical models 3D-printed from 3D digital files.
3D Systems has launched two new 3D dental printers: the DMP Flex 100 and the DMP Dental 100. The DMP Flex 100 produces precision metal...
By incorporating the NextDent 5100 into their workflow, dental laboratories and clinics are able to address more indications with one...

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  • Perry E. Jones, DDS, MAGD, IADFE

    I've seen many changes over the years in the world of orthodontics. When I began my journey in dental school, we had very limited exposure to tooth movement. My biggest concern was whether the Hawley retainer was polished enough to pass the ortho clinical requirements! Now, our approach is to offer patients the very best care and value.

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  • Angela Sabarese

    What to Consider when Shopping for a 3D Imaging System for your Dental Practice Dental practitioners know how important it is to have a sophisticated 3D imaging system implemented in their practices. By using a reliable and advanced system, dentists are able to see clear images of a patient’s teeth, bones, and tissue to analyze and detect any...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    Newsflash: we’re halfway through 2019. This was the year you were supposed to bring a digital workflow for implant planning into your practice, keeping more procedures in-house and improving your practice’s bottom line. Now that we’ve reached the end of June, it’s time for some honest self-assessment: what’s holding you back from this next phase...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    If you want to deliver a seamless, omni-channel patient experience, you need to be willing to leverage the latest technologies that enable same-day dentistry. Your practice might already be leveraging technologies like intraoral scanners and CBCT, but now it’s time to go the “last mile” with an in-office 3D printer. Planmeca is a dental...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    Are you ready to get serious about 3D printing in your dental practice in 2019? To procure better parts in less time, you’re going to have to check out an automated post-processing unit. SprintRay, the makers of the MoonRay 3D printer, will be releasing their own unit, Pro Cure, in early 2019. Below are 5 FAQs about post-processing technology...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    The technology of 3D printing, particularly its ROI, was recently highlighted in the November issue of Dental Product Shopper. The sidebar article was entitled “3D Printing: The Next Big Thing?” I took note of the question mark. 3D printing remains in its infancy in the dental practice, but it’s already considered much more precise than milling...

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