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Surgically Clean Air’s Cascade White Air Purifier is a medical grade air system. Engineered to maximize the air change rate by moving...
The simple, stylish design and compact size makes the Compact Pro DFS Air Purification System perfect for placement in dental...
Radic8 Viruskiller technology was funded in 2004 by the Korean government in response to the SARS virus and is now used in over 80% of...
A crucial tool in the fight against infectious diseases like COVID-19, UV Angel Air uses patented UV-C light treatment technology to...
Disinfect your office the natural way with Midlantic’s Disinfecting Fogger. The ultra-low disinfecting fogger sanitizes a space using...
The patented 50 Cities Continuous Disinfection Device (CDD) Dental System has the capacity to complete a disinfection cycle every 2...
2C MedTech is partnering with CASPR Group to introduce a next-generation disinfection technology to dental offices—Continuous Air and...
The JADE air purification system utilizes Surgically Clean Air's multi-stage air purifying technologies that work together to clean,...

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  • Dental Product Shopper

    Whether you're looking for an added layer of infection prevention or trying to cut down on the use of harsh chemicals in the office, naturally disinfecting with HOCl fogging provides multiple benefits for both practice and patients.

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  • Hayley Bruning

    With cross-contamination top of mind since the COVID-19 pandemic, many dental teams are turning to single-patient-use materials and disposable devices for best infection control practices. But ensuring that each material is of highest quality should remain at the top of your checklist, too.

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    • Date: 07/19/2020

    Introducing the New T-Edge 10 and T-Edge 11 Dental Autoclave Sterilizer for dental and medical clinics. Our newest autoclave is a welcome addition to our family of products.

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  • Julie Schmitt

    “Having a website for your dental practice is an absolute must, as it provides a first glimpse into the practice and the practice’s philosophy,” shared Mariano Polack, DDS, a prosthodontist at Dental Design in Gainesville, Virginia. For many years, Dr. Polack has relied on Officite, a division of Henry Schein One, to design, host, and update the...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    Richmond Dental & Medical, a division of Barnhardt Manufacturing Co., is committed to manufacturing high quality made-in-the-USA dental and medical products using all-natural, high grades of raw material, including their proprietary purified cotton. Three of Richmond’s cotton products received DPS Best Product awards, an honor earned when...

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    • Date: 07/20/2020

    The iVisor™ Loupe is Pac-Dent's most comfortable reusable visor and shield kit. It designed with a large breathing room that comfortably fits over optical accessories and extra wide air vents for maximum airflow to provide the highest user comfort.

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