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Surgical Aspirator Tips from a-dec are stainless steel, autoclavable tips that adapt to the AVS and central vacuum HVE valve. Included...
The Surgical Tip Brush from ADEC cleans the handpiece valves and tips.
a-dec's Autoclavable Continental Syringe features a fully assembled syringe head only.
a-dec's Tip Assembly Surgical Ohio is an autoclavable stainless steel tip that adapts to the AVS and central vacuum HVE valve.
The Autoclavable Syringe Tip Conversion Kit by ADEC converts a locking syringe tip into a non-locking syringe tip.
The Mirror Suction from Hager Worldwide is a mouth mirror that provides strong suction power by connecting to an HVE valve. This gives a...
Hager Worldwide's Aspirator Cleaning Brushes are flexible cleaning brushes for aspirator tips, HVE valves, and saliva ejectors. Mirasuc...
Comfi-Tip Foam Tips from Almore Mfg Company feature open foam cells that provide alternate pathways for the vacuum resulting in a...
The Autoclavable Syringe by a-dec is a 3-way air and water syringe with a patented quick-disconnect autoclavable tip system. It features...
Lingua-Fix Disposable Saliva Ejectors from Zirc Company keeps the tongue in a steady position and help prevent injuries to the tongue. ...
The Bone Trap by Vista Apex is an autoclavable instrument designed to collect bone fragments, root tips and osseous materials. Includes 3...
Hager Worldwide's Surgical Tip 4.5 mm is made of stainless steal and has a 45 bend for good reach and access. This product is autoclavable.

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  • Hayley Bruning

    Orsing, a dental manufacturer part of Directa Dental Group, has prioritized sustainable dentistry and aerosol reduction by offering Hygovac Bio, a range of aspirator tubes made of renewable resources that were developed to decrease the use of fossil resources and the level of greenhouse gas emissions.

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  • Marie

    As you look around your practice, how many products do you see that are the same today as they were 50 years ago? Think back: the Beatles were topping the charts and Rolling Stone’s first issue was hitting newsstands. In an age where technology makes items obsolete in just a matter of months, it’s truly remarkable for an item to be available on...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    Whether delivering air, water, or mist, nearly all dental procedures require use of an air/water syringe, which is why syringe tips are so important. The ideal syringe tip is versatile, hygienic, single-use, and easy to use, and Medicom’s new Pro-Tip Turbo single-use air/water syringe tips lives up to all those expectations. Unique Dual-Chamber...

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