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elements IC Obturation System offers longer battery life, enhanced ergonomic design, and an improved OLED interface
• Holds 4 composite compules & 5 anesthetic cartridges• Maintains constant temperature• Freely adjustable temperature setting...
The benefits of the ApexDAL include clearly indicating on a user-friendly display the progress of the file through the apical 2.0 mm of...
Obtura Spartan S-Kondensers are designed specifically for condensing gutta percha, and feature ISO color-coded lightweight aluminum handles.
META BIOMED's i-Root provides excellent accuracy in any root canal condition. A 5th generation Apex Locator by dual frequency type,...
System B Endodontic Cordless Obturation System is a compact system designed by SybronEndo for warm vertical and backfill obturation. This...
The newly designed Elements Obturation Unit from SybronEndo is an efficient solution to blocking a root canal system. The all-in-one...
Dia-Gun has 3 variable temperature settings (160oC, 180oC, 200oC) to allow precise control of obturation flow. Temperature reaches 200oC...
With an ergonomic design that ensures the unit’s stability, NaviRoot is easy to use and has a self diagnosis system for system failure....
RealSeal Bonded Obturator from SybronEndo is a carrier-based delivery system that contains resin-based materials that bond with each...
RealSeal Bonded Obturator from SybronEndo is a carrier-based delivery system that contains resin-based materials that bond with each...
Elements Obturation Unit Cartridges from SybronEndo are for use in the newly designed Elements Obturation Unit, an efficient solution to...

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