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Computer designed and milled prosthetics provide highly accurate fits while reducing production time and costs. As digital dentistry employing chairside or lab-based CAD/CAM becomes more common, the CAD/CAM materials used to create restorations via these systems continue to evolve.

CAD/CAM restorations are typically milled from solid CAD/CAM blocks of ceramic or composite resin that closely match the basic shade of the restored tooth. Metal alloys may also be milled or digitally produced. Using a digital impression, reverse engineering creates a virtual restoration via proprietary software, which sends the data to a milling machine. Stains and glazes are then fired to the surfaces of the milled restoration to correct the monochromatic appearance.

Available CAD/CAM materials include blocks, cutback porcelains and powder systems. Materials in block form include glass ceramics, resin nano ceramics, zirconia, ceramic composites, ceramics and resin composites. Key to selecting the appropriate block material is ensuring that it is suitable for the intended type of restorative. In addition, some block materials require specialized firing protocols and polishing procedures, making it essential to ensure that any needed equipment and supplies are available.


Cutback porcelains are known for their lifelike esthetics, and sprays produce high-contrast detailed imaging and digital impressions with certain intraoral and tabletop scanners.

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CELTRA Duo Blocks

CELTRA Duo Blocks

Dentsply Sirona Restorative

Celtra DUO is a high strength glass-ceramic CAD/CAM block made of zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate (ZLS). The outstanding chemical properties of ZLS provide a unique microstructure, allowing...

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To meet dentists' individual needs, Sirona expanded the CEREC product range to include 3 different milling units that offer accurate and...
The composition of the glaze material corresponds to that of the glaze paste, as only the form of application is new. The constant...
DDS Lab launches Z-Crown Layered Zirconia, in both layered and solid zirconia options. Z-Crown Layered has a clinical-grade zirconia core...
CEREC® All-In-One Milling Instruments for inLab® MC XL are the machine parts, known as burs, that do the actual milling of the composite...
The CEREC Connect Pinning Tool by Sirona Dental Systems LLC is used to insert pins after the model segments have already been milled by...
CEREC® Full Contour Blocks are fine-structure feldspar ceramic blocks that are easy to polish and similar to natural tooth enamel in...
inCoris AL belongs to the high-strength category of framework ceramics (>500 mPa). This material provides the basis for creating...
inCoris Zl are ceramic coping/framework blocks for inLab that are ideal for the fabrication of crown copings, as well as multiple-unit...
inCoris TZI Plastic Tweezers from Sirona Dental Systems LLC are accessories for the inCoris TZI Coloring Liquids and Blocks.
da vinci Dental Studio has announced its newly updated DV-IS (davinci implant solutions) department, featuring the most current CAD/CAM...
Telio CAD Precision-milled Restorations from Nobel Biocare Telio CAD provisional solutions in acrylic are cost-effective and offer...
DWX-50 accessories include the Pin-Type Material Adapter, supporting up to 6 different pin-type materials for dry milling in zirconia,...

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  • James Guerra

    Today’s CAD/CAM materials allow clinicians to deliver esthetic and durable prosthetic solutions for their patients. To help meet the unique needs of any practice, Henry Schein is hosting a “Block Party” with exclusive offers on CAD/CAM blocks for Dentsply Sirona’s CEREC and the Planmeca PlanMill at In this...

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  • Allison Walker

    Grandio Blocs from VOCO America are a nanoceramic resin hybrid that are 86% filled for optimal tooth-like physical properties. They can be used by both practitioners and labs to mill crowns, inlays/onlays, veneers, and implant crowns. Grandio Blocs exhibit enhanced strength, wear resistance, elasticity and thermal expansion similar to natural...

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  • Allison Walker

    The CEREC system can be used to plan chairside implant surgery and create individual, customized implant prosthetics in the dental office. This gives the clinician control over the whole process, from planning guided surgery to providing the prosthesis, including custom abutments to screw-retained crowns. Sirona’s CEREC Guide 2 software is...

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  • Julie Cullen

    The answer to that question is VITA ENAMIC Implant Solutions, says Dr. Daniel Vasquez. This dentist, who has a practice in Oceanside, CA, says, “VITA ENAMIC IS has all the characteristics of natural dentition, including force absorption, which helps ensure more successful implant treatment.” So, what’s the story behind force absorption? VITA...

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  • Julie Cullen

    As a self-confessed dental geek, I’m a sucker for good clinical videos that show the steps of a case and clearly explain what’s happening. This video with Dr. Daniel J. Poticny, showing the replacement of two old amalgam restorations, is particularly good. He chooses to place an inlay on tooth No. 13 and an onlay on tooth No. 14. Dr. Potincy,...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    According to a report by Research and Markets, the global dental implants market is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.37% from 2016 through 2020. Based on market analysis and conversations with industry experts, the report cites increased used of CAD/CAM technology as a key growth driver. It also points to a rise in medical...

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