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Carbides and Diamonds CATEGORY DESCRIPTION

The most commonly used dental burs are carbides and diamonds.


Carbide Burs

Made of tungsten carbide, a metal that is extremely hard and stiff, carbide burs most commonly are used for excavating and preparing cavities; finishing cavity walls, restoration surfaces, and crown preparations; drilling old fillings; contouring bone; removing impacted teeth; and separating crowns and bridges. Carbide burs can be used many times without becoming dull but may be sharpened when necessary. Carbide burs leave a smoother surface in comparison to diamond burs. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Diamond Burs

Diamond burs are used for precise drilling and finishing. Diamond burs produce cleaner cuts and a higher polish than carbide burs. The diamond bur’s grit determines the speed and type of polish. Diamond burs with finer grits achieve a higher polish and finish while coarser grits are suited for heavy material removal.

Diamond burs will safely accomplish complete removal of enamel, existing restorative materials, and caries with little chance of enamel fracture during restorative procedures. However, while cutting through porcelain is best accomplished with diamond burs, they are slower to cut enamel and metal-based restorations or sectioning cast metal copings or crowns. Diamond surfaces can also fill with debris and clog, wear smooth, and cause burnishing and overheating. Carbide burs are therefore more often used to accomplish these tasks easily. Carbide burs should be used to trim and finish macro-filled composites and hybrid composites.

Carbides and diamonds also produce different outcomes: Carbide burs slice or chip away at material, leaving the tooth surface smooth and more esthetically pleasing. Diamond burs grind away at material, leaving a rough tooth surface that ultimately requires more polishing.

Diamond burs are either single- or multi-use. Single-use diamond burs provide the convenience of new sharp instruments in pre-sterilized individual packages, providing better infection control and saving time by eliminating cleaning and sterilization procedures. These cost-effective measures ultimately result in reduced chair time. Some professionals maintain that disposable burs are therefore more economical because of less time spent in prep and sterilization procedures.

There is a wide assortment of shapes, sizes, and grits available in multi-use diamonds.

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The Unimatrix Bonding process minimizes clogging because of a uniform position of diamonds, providing more exposed diamond surfaces on...
The CeraBur K1SM eliminates the use of explorers and spoons for evaluating decay removal. Burs are available in 4 sizes: 010, 014, 018, ...
Diatech diamonds are multiple layered in an exclusive manufacturing process using the most advanced technology. Multiple layered diamonds...
Optimum Diamond Burs offer clinicians multi-use, friction-grip bur designed to cut cooler and faster with maximum precision and minimum...
The FG Finishers are for trimming and finishing all types of restorative materials, in both the anterior and posterior regions. Shofu...
Award Winning Diamond Burs - only $1.19 to $1.29 per bur!www.Zendo-Online.comZendo FG pre - sterilized diamond burs are made by the...
Zirconia’s strength, durability, and outstanding esthetic appearance make it a popular ceramic material for creating crowns and bridges;...
NeoDiamond from Microcopy is a premium-quality, economical bur. Although the burs can be sterilized and reused like expensive competitive...
Brasseler USA’s Peter Brasseler Series Diamonds feature an exclusive Peak Performance Quotient to ensure the ideal balance of cutting...
GROOVY Diamond Polishing Brushes from Clinician’s Choice are diamond-impregnated bristle brushes that create an ultra-high shine by...
Evenly placed crystals in a uniform matrix are fused to a surgical-grade stainless steel shank. Natural, virgin diamond crystals on Two...
The SS White Diamond line includes selections that range from single-patient use dental diamonds to premium quality, multi-use diamonds....

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    You use diamond burs every day, but chances are you don’t really think about them very much—that is, until they fail to do what you need them to do. Do you even know what brand you use or where they’re manufactured? Do you invest time and thought into maintaining your inventory? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you should check...

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    The carbide vs. diamond bur debate doesn’t have to result in one winner, because both have their strengths, and most clinicians do have both on hand, even if they’re more inclined to use one over the other. While diamonds definitely have their benefits, carbides are sometimes the forgotten heavy hitters in the bur drawer, only making an...

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    The finishing and polishing portion of a restoration may not be the most important elements of a procedure in terms of oral health (although they can minimize plaque accumulation and the risk of staining and degradation). But to the patient, these final steps often matter the most. While the dentist has already done much of the technically...

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  • Marie

    If you’re looking for ways to reduce chair time, you might want to look at where you get your diamond burs from. Spring Health Products says their diamond burs are designed to improve efficiency and reduce chair time – a claim you’re likely to see in a brochure from any manufacturer about their burs. So why do Spring Health burs stand out from...

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    3D technology is what makes Shofu Dental Corporation’s Super-Snap X-treme polishing disks take your restorations to their esthetic max. The Red SuperFine X-Treme disk has greater flexibility and durability, and allows greater tactile feel during use. The Red SuperFine disk results in extremely glossy results because 3D spherical shaped grits...

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