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Interface is the only material that allows a dentist to prepare ceramics, dentin, and enamel in one simple application step. Interface...
From Keystone Industries, Enamelite Fluorescent Spray Glaze allows for staining and glazing of ceramic units in just one firing, unlike...
Gradia is a light cured micro-ceramic composite system for crown and bridge, inlays, onlays and veneers. This micro-fine,...
Zirlux Anterior Multi is a Multi-Layered Zirconia with more indications and strength than Lithium Disilicate. Zirlux Anterior Multi...
Zirlux® Zirconia enables you to provide patients with exceptional restorations that are esthetic, strong, metal-free, and available for...
Gradia is a light cured micro-ceramic composite system for crown and bridge, inlays, onlays and veneers. This micro-fine,...
GC Initial INmetalbond is a bonder used as an intermediate coat between the alloy and the ceramic. It blocks escaping metal oxides and...
GC Initial MC/LF Connector Paste is used for the sintering technique as a connector between the refractory die and GC Initial ceramic for...
GC Initial MC/LF/TI Shade Guide Basic Set is used with GC Initial MC ceramic for metal alloy frameworks, GC Initial LF ceramic for low...
Porcelain Wash microscopically cleans and decontaminates all soiled porcelain restorations. The chemical scrubbing action dissolves...
Sure-Shade Porcelain is a specialty liquid that permits more accurate viewing of the final shade color prior to firing. Mix with...
Anti-Greening Liquid prevents greening and discoloration of porcelain margins when semiprecious alloy framework is used. This liquid...

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  • Marie

    GC Initial™ LiSi Press is a high-strength lithium disilicate ingot with proprietary HDM (High Density Micronization) technology that equally disperses micro-crystals—rather than traditional larger-size crystals—to fill the entire glass matrix, resulting in excellent physical properties and esthetics. It has a biaxial flexural strength of >...

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  • Allison Walker

    Along with preparing ceramics, enamel, and dentin in one application, eliminating hydrofluoric acid, and offering a 3-year shelf life, Interface can also repair the “white lines” that sometimes form along the enamel margins of restorations, especially in posterior regions. Enamel “takes a beating” occlusally and/or lingually in some patients,...

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  • Allison Walker

    I’ve always been intrigued by the steps and esthetic results of the tooth-making process. The staining and glazing technique for all-ceramic restorations can be quite labor intensive. Some ceramic glazes have to be fired multiple times for the best results. Keystone Industries has simplified the process down to one glazing/firing step with...

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  • Julie Cullen

    Human beings are amazing. Take a dental procedure or lab process that originally takes several steps, and humans will eventually figure out how to reduce it to 3, or 2, or even 1 step. That’s what the team at Keystone Industries did when they developed enamalite Low-Fusing Fluorescent Spray Glaze. Both dentists and labs are using it in the...

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  • Julie Cullen

    Dental manufacturers spend a good deal of time researching ways to make dental appointments as efficient as possible…for the patient and the dentist. Treatment that requires several appointments over weeks can be prohibitive for many patients. Who has time to take off from work for multiple treatment steps? And dentists often don’t feel that...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    Henry Schein recently pledged $1.25 million to fund a groundbreaking new digital dental school curriculum that teaches computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology. Schein will partner with the American College of Prosthodontists Education Foundation (ACPEF) to fund a digital dentistry curriculum initiative that will be offered...

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