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Orthodontic tooth movement with clear aligners employs a series of incrementally different, nearly invisible aligners that shift teeth gradually over a period of up to 2 years. Clear dental aligners are typically changed every 2 to 4 weeks, with patients requiring anywhere from fewer than 5 to more than 20 aligners in total. Acrylic buttons may be temporarily attached to teeth to add force to movement in intrusion and extrusion cases.

Prior to treatment, 3D models of the patient’s present and projected dentition are made. Laboratory requirements for clear aligner fabrication generally include upper and lower PVS impressions and PVS bite registration (or digital scans), full-mouth or panoramic X-rays, facial and intraoral photographs, and information regarding the number of clear dental aligners needed and any IPR recommendations.

Because they are nearly invisible and removable for brushing and eating, clear aligners enhance patient compliance, which is essential for successful outcomes. However, because aligners must be worn for 20 to 22 hours per day, some manufacturers provide built-in checkpoints at predetermined intervals to enable mid-treatment corrections and refinements if compliance falters.

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Invisalign® Go

Invisalign® Go

Align Technology Inc.

Designed for the way dentists work, the Invisalign® Go system is the intuitive way to give your patients the smile they desire. With Invisalign Go treatment you can: Treat mild to moderate...

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The system is comprised of 5 aligners per arch that are programmed with incremental correction to move the teeth to their desired...
Correct minor anterior malocclusions while managing cases through user-friendly software. Each case is designed to the desired outcome,...
Replacement retainers can be reordered from the digitally stored data through faxed or e-mailed prescription from the dentist, freeing...
To help ensure ClearCorrect aligners are being used in the proper sequence, every aligner is laser-marked with a special code. The code...
Invisalign® Express 5 Treat patients with minor orthodontic issues, such as very mild spacing, crowding and orthodontic relapse....
When the aligner is stretched, highly elastic SmartTrack material returns more closely to the programmed aligner shape to improve...
DENTSPLY Raintree Essix MTM Clear•Aligner has a proprietary “open pathway” design that makes it easy for teeth to move where desired....
The FDA 510(k) Premarket Notification clearance enables Orthocaps aligners to be commercially available throughout the United States....
Designed for the way dentists work, the Invisalign® Go system is the intuitive way to give your patients the smile they desire. With...
Dentsply Sirona’s SureSmile aligner, a clear aligner solution, is designed and produced based on a digital impression scan and 2D or 3D...
The 14-stage treatment option with the versatility you need to treat mild to moderate cases.
ClearCorrect allows clinicians to straighten teeth using a series of clear, custom removable aligners.

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    The beauty of clear aligner therapy is that it practically sells itself: no unsightly wires and brackets of traditional braces; removable retainers so that patients can eat whatever they want and food doesn’t get trapped; and limited periodic visits to the dentist or orthodontist to monitor progress. The offer is just as attractive to providers:...

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    If you offer clear aligners in your practice, you already know that they require strong retention in order to move the teeth as desired. But are you aware of the effects that trim lines have on retention? A 2012 study published in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics shows how 3 trimming techniques have remarkably different effects on retentive...

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