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There is an enormous variety of clinical supplies on the market that dental practitioners should consider incorporating into their offices. The following are examples of useful products that can benefit dentists, staff, and patients:

Specifically designed for children who have developed the habit of sucking their thumbs, there are treatment kits available to deter them from the harmful act. Able to stop the habit in most children within four weeks, this treatment prevents speech impediments and teeth deformation that can occur as a result of thumb sucking.

Another important tool is a digital thermometer that can quickly read a patient’s temperature when orally inserted. This can tell a patient whether they are suffering from a fever along with the dental problem that may be occurring so that they can receive the proper treatment from a physician.

In order to ensure the safety of dental practitioners and their staff, there are specially designed containers that allow for the safe disposal of used needles and syringes. The no-touch depositing feature prevents staff from accidentally puncturing themselves with a used needle, which is critical for personal safety and the prevention of potential disease transmission.

Also available are color-coded exam room signals, which can indicate to staff whether a room is occupied and whether or not they can enter an exam room. This prevents unnecessary interruptions and promotes safety in the workplace.

There are several other products that may not immediately come to mind, which can benefit patients, dental practitioners, and the practice’s staff. Practitioners should always keep the small things in mind when stocking their practices; it can go a long way for staff and patient comfort, safety, and efficiency.

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Midmark Corporation announces the release of SmartSim, its dental simulation bench designed exclusively for dental schools and...
Contains natural oatmeal and rich emollients. Nongreasy, fast absorbing. Fragrance free, hypoallergenic. Recommended by dermatologists.
Measure temperature orally in Centigrade or Fahrenheit, normally in just 60 seconds. It beeps at peak temperature. Memory recalls the...
OSHA-compliant sharps containers provide maximum protection for safe disposal of needles and syringes with 1-hand, 1-step, no-touch...
Angel Soft ps® is the brand of premium 2-ply bathroom tissue that delivers the appearance and softness of at-home tissue. High capacity...
Designed specifically for health professionals and their patients; allows for continuous pain relief between office visits. Provides more...
Signal room status in style with these attractive triangular flags made of sturdy plastic and laminate. Narrower flag designed to be more...
Premium quality and softness patients will appreciate. White facial tissue in your choice of flat or cube box.
Professional choice for accurate readings every time. Measure up to 3 readings and average the total. Features an easy-to-read display...
Obtain accurate blood pressure and pulse measurements even when irregular heartbeat occurs. Includes an automatic inflation sensor that...
Quickly and easily measure temperature in both Centigrade and Fahrenheit - 10 seconds is all you need! Waterproof digital thermometer...
Keep your smaller supplies on hand and organized with these durable, adjustable boxes. Made of translucent chemical- and...

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