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EZ Seat – modified gingival contours greatly reduces the risk of pulp exposure on preparation, and allows seating where there is a lack...
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Centrix Tempit Unit-Dose Provisional Material Tempit’s unit-dose delivery system eliminates mixing while facilitating placement and...
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DMG America Luxatemp Ultra Provisional Material Luxatemp Ultra creates a highly esthetic temporary, with reliable strength and...
Stainless Steel Primary Molar Crowns from Hu-Friedy deliver predictable outcomes while allowing clinicians to work effectively and...
Jet Tooth Shade Self-Curing Acrylic Resin is used for making stronger temporary crown and bridge restorations. This self-curing acrylic...
Jet XR Opaque Powder by Lang Dental Mfg Co Inc. is an auto-polymerizing acrylic polymer with radiopaque properties. It is used for the...
Splitline from Lang Dental Mfg Co Inc. is a self-curing copolymer acrylic resin used when marginal accuracy is critical. It creates an...
Polished Soft Copper Bands are used as a temporary retainer for impression materials. • Each band is numbered for size • Seamless
Sensation SL is a low fusing leucite-reinforced glass ceramic. Sensation SL is made from the same components as Cerpress SL, with the...
GC Initial INvivo, INsitu, INover and INcisio for MC/LF/PC are stains and effect shades used with GC Initial MC, GC Initial LF, or GC...
Designed and milled using CAD/CAM technology, BruxZir restorations are sintered for 6.5 hours at 1530°C. The final BruxZir crown or...
Argenco Y+ brings provides all of the benefits of a yellow alloy at a fraction of the cost with no extra surcharge fees. Argenco Y+ also...

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  • Hayley Bruning

    We recently surveyed our DPS evaluators on Zest Dental Solutions’ TurboTemp EZ, a multifunctional, highly filled temporary crown-and-bridge material that they tried out in their practices. Many of these clinicians expressed how pleased they were with the accurate fit of the final temporary restoration and the material’s hardness during working...

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  • Michael Howard

    Fabricating provisional restorations is often a complex, time-consuming and labor-intensive task. Unfortunately, the matrix materials and methods dentists traditionally rely on tend to exacerbate rather than relieve these challenges. Clinicians could benefit from a better alternative.

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  • Dental Product Shopper

    The steps involved in traditional restorative treatment—planning, impression-taking, placing temporaries, and seating— often takes three appointments to complete. This can be a hassle for patients who don't have time for three visits, not to mention the discomfort of wearing temporaries. Fortunately, there's a fast and convenient solution.

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