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Selection of a dental delivery system is critical in achieving optimal operatory functionality. Among the configurations available are chair-mounted, base-mounted and portable, with chair and base-mounted units available as rear, side, over-the-patient, or over-the-head systems.


Rear-delivery systems keep equipment out of patients’ view, are the least expensive way to connect to utilities, and tend to be more ergonomic for 4- versus 2-handed dentistry. Side-delivery systems tend to require less trunk-twisting for instrument retrieval and, while visible to patients, over-the-patient systems allow the user to move freely from the 8 o'clock to 12 o'clock positions around the patient's head. Combining benefits of both over-the-patient and rear-delivery systems, over-the-head units allow the operator to practice from the 7 o'clock to 1 o'clock positions with supplies positioned ideally for assistant access, and convert rapidly from right- to left-handed function.


Delivery systems typically include automatic activation for at least 3 handpieces, a self-contained waterline with asepsis tubing and purge system, airflow control and a control panel with wet/dry foot control. Many of today’s units also integrate accessories such as fiber-optic systems, intraoral cameras, x-ray viewers, air abrasion units, ultrasonic scalers, electrosurgical devices, curing lights and touchpads.

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Planmeca Sovereign® Classic

Planmeca Sovereign® Classic

Planmeca USA

The Planmeca Sovereign Classic dental unit features an advanced infection control systems that allows the user to choose periodical cleaning or continuous disinfection. The Planmeca dental...

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Sirona introduces TENEO to its premier line of transcendental treatment centers. In partnership with Kappler, clinicians can enrich their...
Sirona introduces INTEGO to its premier line of transcendental treatment centers. In partnership with Kappler, clinicians can enrich...

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