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Direct Restorative Materials CATEGORY DESCRIPTION

Several direct restorative materials are used for reconstruction of the hard tissues of the teeth that have been lost through disease or trauma.

Amalgam is a metallic filling material containing mercury and other metals that is cost-effective and long-lasting. An economical material, dental amalgam is steadily being replaced by more cosmetically pleasing, tooth-colored materials.

Composite resin fillings are composed of powdered glass and plastic resin. Also called white fillings, they are typically used in highly visible areas in the mouth because of their natural appearance.

Glass ionomer cement fillings are a mixture of glass and organic acid, and vary in translucency. Glass ionomers can achieve an esthetic tooth-colored result but may not wear as well as composite resins. However, they have several advantages: Glass ionomers can be placed in cavities without any need for bonding agents; they are not prone to shrinkage and microleakage; and they contain and release fluoride, which helps to prevent caries. They are generally considered good materials for root caries and for sealants.

Resin-modified glass-ionomer cement (RMGIC) is a combination of glass-ionomer and composite resin; it is a mixture of glass, organic acid, and resin polymer, and hardens in seconds when light-cured. It is more durable than glass ionomer but is not recommended for biting surfaces. Its fast, easy handling makes it well suited for treating pediatric and geriatric patients.

Compomer refers to a combination of composite resin and glass ionomer technology. Although compomers have better mechanical and esthetic properties than RMGIC, they require bonding materials. Benefits include ease of handling and fluoride release.

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Clearfil Majesty Flow from Kuraray America, Inc. is a universal flowable, radiopaque restorative composite resin with the filler...
Esthet•Xflow Liquid Micro Hybrid Restorative from Caulk is a one-component, fluoride-releasing, visible light-cured, radiopaque,...
Esthet'X HD Universal Composite DENTSPLY CaulkOptimized filler technology means Esthet'X HD provides easy-to-polish, highly esthetic...
DENTSPLY Caulk SureFil SDR flow Low-Stress, Bulk-Fill Flowable Composite SureFil SDR flow combines the benefits of a flowable composite...
This tooth-colored filling material offers low polymerization shrinkage, speed, and convenience with a direct-delivery capsule and...
G-ænial Universal Flo Universal Flowable Composite GC America Inc. G-ænial Universal Flo provides easy handling without sacrificing...
Available in both syringes and pre-loaded tips, Venus Bulk Fill provides a number of features that allow clinicians to work more...
GrandioSO is a universal Nano-hybrid composite and one of the highest filled restorative materials at 89% (by weight).
Featuring a 5 mm depth of cure at 500 mW/cm2, LIGHT-CORE is available in 2 shades; TRANSLUCENT and BLUE. TRANSLUCENT is ideal for use...
One proven chemistry – three viscosities  The Venus family of composites offers the most complete line of low-stress composites on the...
Admira is indicated for all classes of restorations and suitable for composite inlays. Admira is packable, nonsticky, and has high...
SureFil SDR flow Posterior Bulk Fill Flowable Base from Caulk is a one-of-a-kind, fluoride-releasing, resin composite restorative...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    I’ll never forget when I had the opportunity to try my hand at a composite restoration at Dental Trade Alliance’s Mini-Dental School at the University of Colorado. After that experience, I remember thinking that in order to achieve an esthetic result with a composite, you must have natural artistic talent, which not everyone—myself included—is...

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  • Marie

    Vista Dental Products has changed the composite delivery game with a new system that uses near-infrared technology to quickly heat compules. The result is reduced chair time and improved restorations. Phasor™’s patent-pending technology heats composite to 150 degrees in seconds, retains that heat during the procedure, and yet stays cool to the...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    The March “Best Products” issue of Dental Product Shopper reads like a greatest hits compilation for various manufacturers, especially those companies that make products in the issue’s featured categories of direct restorations and cosmetic dentistry. Considering that in one issue, BISCO has a 6-page Best Products feature and an Early Adopters...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    Whenever we interview dentists about direct restorative materials, whether it’s a composite, cement, glass ionomer or other flowable, we always make it a point to ask, “What sets this material apart from other similar products?” Many dentists comment on ease of use—not just the ease of shaping the material, but the product design and delivery...

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  • Allison Walker

    Sometimes it is fun to Google something just to see how much info there is on it. There is a lot of information out there on Beautifil Flow Plus from Shofu Dental Corporation. Pages upon pages—including studies, YouTube videos, and clinical articles. There is also quite a bit about it on the Dental Product Shopper website—evaluations, customer...

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  • Allison Walker

    Superb Universal Adhesive from Apex Dental Materials is a universal single-bottle bonding agent. It combines the etchant, primer, and bonding resin into one step, and one bottle. Superb has been shown to be consistent, easy to apply, and have little to no technique or postoperative sensitivity. Superb Universal Adhesive can be used in all...

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